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lavorazione metalli arte design restauro
lavorazione metalli arte design restauro
artisan workshop
metal manufacturing
for art
and restauration work,
and architecture
Bagatti - Bottega Artigiana Bronzisti
Founded in 1927,
in Milano, by Carlo Bagatti.
lavorazione metalli arte design restauro
The workshop initially begins producing coffee machines, and then gets specialized in the realization of illumination devices; in the immediate post-war period the workshop becomes a reference point for architects and designers.
In 1973 Giampiero, Carlo’s only son, takes over the activity and actively participates to the development of the Italian design: “the pleasure of working and creating together while playing” is the laboratory’s philosophy.
In 1992 Giampiero hands the workshop to his son Daniele, who is still running the family activity today. After two generations spent in via Lanzone 30/A, in 2006 the workshop is moved to via Casoretto 5.
The laboratory is nowadays a regular reference point for architects, designers, artists and restorers who wish to create prototypes and custom made pieces of work.
Bagatti is specifically dedicated to the creation of objects which require in-depth knowledge of materials and processing techniques, as well as fine solution refinements.
The workshop has been rewarded with the title of “Historical Workshop” by the Comune of Milano and by the Regione Lombardia; Bagatti cooperates with the “Historical, architectural and demo-anthropological heritage department”.
Bagatti creates and restores artwork
Also produces limited series
design and architecture
Bagatti helps designers and architects realize their projects
Bagatti works bronze, brass, copper, iron and stainless steel
Bagatti Bottega Artigiana Bronzisti
by Daniele Bagatti

via Casoretto, 5
20131 Milano

cell. 347.1045387
Instagram: bagatti_bronzisti

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